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Okay now i have the sim started and i kind of works i guess but it only shows 2 or 3 aircrafts and with no livery where can i fix that Thanks

check explications inside folder

I installed altitude before downloading this mod into the packages folder of the flight simulator's route folder to be with both the community and official folders. Is there supposed to be an existing ivao_x_csl folder already in the community folder once installed? I'm not seeing it

Awesome job.

this 777 is getting better and better thanks to you!

whenever you guys can please make some liveries 😃

In these last weeks i was struggling to find some free time to deliver it to you. Rest assure more updates will come eventually.

ermm sorry for asking.. where did u get the template?


Merci pour le partage.

Cependant sur les Screenshot je n'arrive pas à voir la différence ??

Quel sont les améliorations ?

I installed altitude into the packages folder of the simulator's route folder. Is there supposed to be an ivao_x_csl folder already in the community folder once installed? I'm not seeing it

Sorry to hear that! If you send me a PM I might be able to help you (and me) figure out what the problem is.

If anyone else has this issue please let me know!

white plane = you havent installed the ivao Altitude before. If it is correctly installed, you will find ivao_x-cls in community before installing my mod

Please verify that you have followed the instructions correctly 😊

No bugs from beta testing and no impact on starting, this can't be related

It's a really great mod that brings life into MSFS2020! I just tried it on a flight, all goes very smoothly however the only negative point I've found so far is that airborne traffic are not climbing higher than 11582ft. Please keep up a good work to continue to update this great piece of mod as we desperatly need something like this. Maybe by waiting for Ultimate Traffic? 😀

<Le soucis pour Brest c'est que toute la partie militaire est floutée....Mais le flou s'étend jusqu'à environ 300m des zones militaire ( Capucin, les ponts, la tour tanguy, le bas de siam, db jean Moulin, Recouvrance, la corniche ect...) Peut être qu'un jour un modeur fera les ponts, le château, la tour Tanguy......NOOOOOONNNNN pas le téléphérique en panne... lol

Does this scenery conflict with the other Niagara Falls add-ons out there or does it cover only the northern part of the river and the Canadian side of the falls area?

like the scenery - but every time I use with the milviz corsair it starts with a bent prop which can't be repaired!

anyone any ideas on how to fiz this?

Only some aircrafts. This is a MSFS20 issue, i will search a solution to fix this

It seems the 3 static AI links are all the same? North america, asia etc , all links open as asia?

Sorry for my bad english. If you get white aircraft, that means you haven't installed IVAO Altitude before (first step).

After installing IVAO Altitude, you can see a ivao_s-cls folder in your Community. Just drag and drop inside this folder the content of my mod this will replace some files in ivao_x-cls. Sorry for my bad english.

Mine didnt crash. It works great and game didnt load any longer than normally

installation instructions were a little unclear. I dropped this in the community folder

Blends in well with surroundings and not much of a hit on FPS. Nicely done! Thanks!

I Love anything FLORIDA!

I used to fly on Eastern from Toronto to FL from 1977 to 1990.

Thank-You for the excellent old timey livery! 😀

If aircrafts is white, you have not installed incorrectly. I will send you mp

dont know what you mean by over ride the ivaio x cls folder help please

ok i finally loaded in and i do see some static ai, but also just a bunch of white planes at gates. How do if fix this?

Maximum 15 minutes, i dont know why are long for you. Maybe try to reinstall the mod from zero or restart your computer

I Love anything FLORIDA! The Sunshine Skyway Bridge looks Awesome!

I used to fly on Eastern from Toronto to FL from 1977 to 1990.

Thank-You for the excellent old timey livery! 😀

how long is long? iv been waiting for nearly 20 mins now still stuck in loading screen