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8 minute(s) ago

Ah well I will figure it out. This scenery is amazing by the way.

I'm just trying to make sense of this livery...

35 minute(s) ago

great livery!!! Continue in the same spirit!!!

wanchaibanzai Hong Kong V2.01
45 minute(s) ago

Thanks for updating to work with the new Stonecutter bridge file - looks great !

If so, it's an issue with the stock PDX as I didn't make any changes to AFCAD attributes.

2 hour(s) ago

Can you please make it for the asobo neo too ive been trying to look for the included neo but no pack or person has it its only for the a32nx or the Fenix a320 so it would be nice if you can make a version for the normal neo

Привет. Хорошая работа, только одна неточность - серийный номер на ливрее 62-9738, а нужен 63-9738.

Hi. Good job, only one inaccuracy - the serial number on the livery is 62-9738, and 63-9738 is needed.

ASFSim1 Sky Dolly
2 hour(s) ago

Thanks @Steeler and sorry for the slow reply: life has been getting int he way a bit!

Formation: yes, I tried the formation in the other app and was disappointed that the following ghost aircraft was stuck at a fixed magnetic direction away, not at a relative angle. Made formation flying pointless I thought. Obviously not a critical item for me so if and when you get it done, then fine. But your basic app is so good I can very happily live with it as-is. I just have to brush up my formation flying! 😊

Tail number: I started experimenting but just keep getting the white square. I will keep on fiddling and see what happens.

Thanks again for a great adjunct to the sim.


DominatorPlayer KLM 747-8i (Retro)
2 hour(s) ago

hello, if you're having the mirrored issues, try this method that was found by Mugz. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/howto-creating-unmirored-liveries-or-ultra-quality-decals-method/400961

Thank you for your kind words! I do wish I could do more with it but unfortunately, as a commercial product, I can not include the Flightmodel and system files, which would be needed to change some of the parameters that you have suggested. As for the engine, I don’t think anyone currently does a better job at engine performance spec’s than Got Gravel, and this engine is pretty much dead on. For me, its just a matter of pulling the throttle back and managing it as needed. There is not too many places I can’t get into, or out of, in STOL fashion, with it. The Developer is quite passionate about the aircraft, and is working with a real life owner of a stock S6S. Keep watching as he is currently working on improvement, and I believe he has a set of Tundra tires tucked away for it in the future. Again, thank you for your comments, it is appreciated! AIRPAC1

Chill brother. Show some appreciation. Many hours were spent creating this beutiful scenery for your enjoyment free of charge. So you have to spend 2 minutes translating something in Google translate. Big deal.

Please keep me updated as to this so that I can have a look and perhaps upload an version update.

3 hour(s) ago

Hola gracias por responder, solo probé ese, si está en community pero por alguna razón toma solo el aeropuerto por defecto, no engancha el de pago no se porque, no si si tenga que hacer algo en la config del GSX pero fuera del simulador.

Thank you for your comments, should you find an ERROR in your Free Downloaded scenery the Author may be able to assist you, if it library related. I would suggest that you keep all your library files in one place in case you require a back up

All I can think of now is Jeb crashing this into the KSC.

Thank for you this.

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Thank you for this one.

Thank you for this one.

3 hour(s) ago

could you tell me how to make a airport by AI teconology?I want to make a airport for my hometown.

How did you remove the windows if you don't mind me asking?

I downloaded, and placed the folder in my community folder and nothing seems to load in the sim... I am using the Realism Mod, but other than that they are stock 172's. Any suggestions on what I could be missing? This mod would be amazing for immersion as I fly cargo flights in my area.

Does any know how to use a older version of the airplane for salty mod compability?

4 hour(s) ago

Thanks! Really realistic Westjet Package!

4 hour(s) ago

These Phoenix sceneries look great. I was just wondering, though, would it be possible to color correct them so they blend in with the default scenery? Thanks again.


Carlos17 Sapporo [1/2]
4 hour(s) ago


Thank you so much, sir!!!!! Top notch work, underrated and underappreciated!!!!





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5 hour(s) ago

Hola! Es con el único que te pasa? De ser así, abrí el menu de GSX y dale a personalizar parking, no importa en cuál estes. Después de eso se te abre una ventana y debería salirte en la parte superior el nombre del archivo al que GSX está apuntando, fijate que eso coincida con el que está en el pack.

Y también otra causa puede ser si tenés el aeropuerto comprado en el marketplace del simulador, por alguna razón si el aeropuerto no está en community, a veces puede ser que no lo reconozca

5 hour(s) ago

Wow. I love the DAA-62, but I had noticed my throttle could be moved a lot with nothing happening until the last 5mm of travel. This is fixed here. Engine RPM, lights, sounds, etc. etc. Where would we be if not for guys like this? Would we even know the plane wasn't right? I didn't, but now the difference is night and day. Incredible work. Thank you so, so much.

5 hour(s) ago

Hi trking,

The .ini file is the GSX profile. If you do not use GSX or do not want to use that profile then you can disregard it.

The views are perfect, but can you set the default pilot camera according to the Eye Reference Indicator? (https://forums.flightsimulator.com/uploads/default/original/4X/2/7/9/279d9a7da56d64fb756244d5f6d1d65224c4ca13.jpeg)

I'm finding I'm too low in the seat, which is not ideal during landings because of the high angle of attack

Goodnight! Thanks for your message! I'll check what happened, if anyone else has this problem. If I see anyone else I'll look in the forums about this problem. Thanks!

77w, aircraft is toooo shaky, like a bicycle with 2 ge90s 😀

goggless AircraftState
5 hour(s) ago

SonicViz Location Manager can do this now. It goes through a process where the plane is moved to the general location, but it's initially at the wrong elevation by a meter or two, and then it makes some other adjustments to put it on the ground in the right place. If you don't wait for it to finish, you'll often get a plane crash. I wonder if maybe that's what's happening here... and if so maybe a conversation with the developer (if they'll share) could lead to a fix

nice livery needs to be updated to the new version of plane.

this is a great livery but needs to be updated for the new version of the plane.

Do you mean these static aircraft next to DHL building? I decided to not remove them as they are not compromising parking spots.

Marketplace takes a few weeks to make updates available

you should email NZ Simulations to let them know they haven't updated their marketplace product if true

6 hour(s) ago

Yes it works going both directions, that is why I set the spawn parking pointing outward.