Airbus A320neo wing views (working with A32nx mod)

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Version 1.4
Αρχική έκδοση February 24, 2021
Τελευταία ενημέρωση March 15, 2021
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Drag and Drop

Unzip it on this path:







Steam: C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects


In game use letters 0-9 but not on the numpad for the main file! 



For the new views use: u   j   i   ö   ;    and the UP button under the big enter button on your keyboard


1.1 added wing views for Fly By Wire A32nx mod!
1.2 fixed issues
1.3 fixed issues

1.4 added new views (extra file)!


Αρκετά άδειο εδώ.

Αρκετά άδειο εδώ.

  • Version 1.4 March 15, 2021

    added new views (extra file)!

  • Version 1.3 February 24, 2021

  • Version 1.1 February 24, 2021

    Added wing views for Fly By Wire A32nx

  • Ξεκίνησε February 24, 2021

    Η αρχική έκδοση αυτού του αρχείου μόλις κυκλοφόρησε. Καλώς ήρθατε!

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42 Σχόλια
    1 month(s) ago
    I downloaded the views and I pasted them into the A32X folder, how to I get to those views?
    • timmaeule27
      1 month(s) ago
      for the old numbers 0-9 , but not on the numpad, For the new views use: u j i ö ; and the UP button under the big enter button on your keyboard
  • mabaer10
    2 month(s) ago
    picture is confusing, because this is not a screenshot.
  • kingpoolf150
    2 month(s) ago
    im sorry i installed it but not sure if im pressing the right keys or does it need tot be configured
    • timmaeule27
      2 month(s) ago
      I think you have to config your personal settings
  • Sauerkraut
    2 month(s) ago
    thanks for the new amazing views!
  • DMullert
    2 month(s) ago
    These installation instructions are not clear. Where do we need to drop this cameras file? Inside each livery folder or do we just drop it in the Simobjects folder?
  • SpeedBirdA320
    2 month(s) ago
    Thank you so much
  • fullerjacob73
    2 month(s) ago
    I downloaded te A32X, but I can't find it on my main page, what should I do?
  • lunablu995
    2 month(s) ago
    just tried it after the update and it seems that the cockpit view is in the middle of the cabin any way i can fix?
  • davy33127
    2 month(s) ago
    Si vous utilisez le mod A32nx, téléchargez le fichier `` Fly By Wire A32nx mod '' dans les options de téléchargement! je ne comprends pas cette phrase
  • OshyCA
    2 month(s) ago
    These nice views however i don't like that most views, more realistic are where you sat by the view as a passenger. would nice if you update it more realistic view by not looking at wheels
    • timmaeule27
      2 month(s) ago
      hey, I uploaded a new file ,,New views (also working on the A32nx) with brand new views.
  • Daddel
    2 month(s) ago
    Thanks for the update. Now it's working perfect!
  • Sauerkraut
    2 month(s) ago
    works perfect! Nice views

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