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Gatwick Airport EGKK 2023

Full airport reconstruction  The airport is now operational with continuing updates Installing updated versions for EGKK and Best way to clear your cache and get rid of old data indexes.Manual Cache not recommended, best to let fs2020 automatically manage. 1) Delete the older version 'gatwick' from community folder 2)...

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Full airport reconstruction 

The airport is now operational with continuing updates

Installing updated versions for EGKK and Best way to clear your cache and get rid of old data indexes.Manual Cache not recommended, best to let fs2020 automatically manage.

  • 1) Delete the older version 'gatwick' from community folder
  • 2) Start fs2020 and spawn to default Gatwick
  • 3) Close Fs2020 and install New version into community folder as 'gatwick'
  • 4) Open fs2020

This method will solve the problem of scenery not appearing, or overlapping models

ONLY GATES are serviced by Jetways. Even if you are on a Left side stand, and it looks closer  if its a RAMP position the jetway will not move, instead call for steps. 


Stay in default pilot (No.1) view position, do not zoom in or out when approaching. Should work on 1920/1080p moniter.

If using different size moniter , before entering stand temporarily adjust your render scaling in fs2020 settings to 1080p, guidance should then work correctly


Install Guide

Download zip and open.

Drag or extract from zip into community folder as the folder name 'gatwick'  Do not drag a new update into an older gatwick version. It must be deleted and the updated version extracted/dragged into the community folder


Custom Jetways
'Be Kind'. Its my very first attempt.

Sim Update 12
Intl. Airports
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January 06, 2021
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2 day(s) ago — V23.3.29



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  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.29

  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.28

  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.24

  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.23

  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.21

  • Ενημερώθηκε σε έκδοση V23.3.12

  • Initial File Release

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As a first attempt, the new custom jetways look quite satisfying. Very few jetways have yet to be replaced (6 in total if i'm not mistaken), but ig this will change in the future. In all the jets i tested, the jetway is placed slightly higher than the height of the door. Furthermore it doesnt seem to recognise the captain sim 777, since it doesn't open the main door, although the jetway connects with it. But, in no way can i say it's a bad result for a first attempt.

Really impressive work on this. Just to let you know, the video on the mod page is private so no one else can see it.

Great update! Do you also plan to eventually make gates 25, 31 thru 38 glass jetways as they are IRL? 😊

How about the GSX setting?

Ευχαριστήθηκε από mkvy

An incredible piece of software, al least comparable to payware and in most instances far better. My heart felt thanks.

Hi! Amazing work! Will you be working on including custom jetways in the future?


First of all thanks for this beautiful airport. I have a question: How do I remove the animated passengers? It has a 15-20 fps hit when looking in that direction. Thank you

Ευχαριστήθηκε από mkvy

Hi, I would just like to say thank you for your efforts to get the AI working better in your scenery. I appreciate that AI can behave in strange ways, but what you are achieving has improved the situation a lot. I am looking forward to further improvements when you have the time and energy! Thanks again.

Hi, just wanted to say I have tested the latest version. All loads ok. Also tested the AI traffic and all traffic that reach RW26 now take off which is a great result. It appears some hold at A1 and some hold B1, those that hold at B1 turn left 90 degrees onto AS, then A1 onto RW26L. This seem a bit odd at least it solves the problem of AI plane sitting on RW26L. Not tested AI entering RW08R yet. Also for info since SU12 it appears ATC are directing AI traffic to 26L and no longer use RW26R which is great.

Thanks for all your efforts and hard work with sorting these problems. This Airport is just getting better and better. Fantastic!

For some reason the latest update isn't working for me?

Loved this scenery and it's a shame it's randomly stopped working... Had the update previous to 23rd march which worked fine, even after the SU12 update. But now, after updating to the latest version, the scenery doesn't show in sim anymore?

I have installed the update as normal, by deleting the previous scenery, loading the sim to check nothing is leftover, then installing the scenery.... However, like I say, nothing...

Any ideas? (Leaving 5 stars cause I love this scenery when it works)

Still my Planes are pushing back then dissapering. No matter if I use fsltl or fs traffic. This only happens at your new gatwick 2023.

I tried EGKK after complete update and SU12. Still there is no departure of AI for runway 26L. AI reach the starting point of runway and just wait there to disappear. Landings do happen but at way further than touch down zone ( ASOBO problem)

Why do you change "Northern Runway Lights on/off" each version ?

Hi again, Thanks again for all your efforts with this scenery. By far the best available.

FYI I have been doing some monitoring regards AI traffic not taking off. It appears for AI traffic to take off they need to hold first. If AI traffic uses Taxiway AN then A to RW26L then they take off, I think you made a change in an earlier version that make this work, however if they use AS into A to enter RW26L they do not take off. I can only assume the hold is set for hold point A1 which would cause this condition.

I was wondering if multiple hold points could be set up? i.e. RW26L hold points should be A1, A2, A3, B1, C1 and C3 and for RW08R J1, J3 H1, H2, H3, G1 G3 this would ensure when AI approaching these runways will have a hold point to stop at. I believe this would allow all AI traffic to take off from RW26L and RW08R. I accept AI is still is using the closed RW08L and RW26R and that there is probably little you can do to stop AI using these Runways as I know you said you set this as closed but ATC still assigns AI traffic to use these closed runways.

If you have a chance and can find some time to look at the above it would be much appreciated as having AI traffic active makes the experience more immersive

Great work! Please fix airport pathways and runways. AI Aircraft still line up and stuck both on 26L and 08R and still uses J instead of taxing on runway. Also AI still holds short of 26R ON the runway.

A lot of airports are getting custom jetways these days. Are you planning on implementing them soon? I would switch over to this one from origami in a heartbeat but the default jetways is a serious turnoff

What's the difference between this and the other version?

Ευχαριστήθηκε από mkvy

Very good airport

Close to Gate M1 Near the museum there are several flat objects visible as part of the aerial photographic picture, I think that in reality they are museumpieces (Lancaster e'g?)

Would it be possible to cover those spots with the same objects, making the surroundings of the museum real.

Piet de Geus


Αυτά τα αντικείμενα βρίσκονται επί του παρόντος στη λίστα και θα διεκπεραιωθούν σύντομα!
Προτάσεις, σφάλματα και ιδέες για το μέλλον.

  • Version V23.3.29 March 28, 2023

    Custom Jetways updates

  • Version V23.3.28 March 28, 2023

    Custom Jetways
    'Be Kind'. Its my very first attempt.
    Right now Pier 1,2,3,6 and 46-50
    4 different jetway sim object configurations, rough draft models and textures, by no means complete. Not LOD'd yet
    Biggest problem is that with larger planes like 787/747 jetway always wants to connect to L1, when it should be door L2

  • Version V23.3.24 March 23, 2023

    Ai should now take off from 26L without freezing

  • Version V23.3.23 March 23, 2023

    A hold shorts reconfigured for Ai
    Animated buggyx4 carts removed due to jerky motion
    Rough Draft Custom Jetway project created near stand 3 (1 hour into Oltcit Room's youtube video tutorial)

  • Version V23.3.21 March 21, 2023

    V23.3.21 Sim Update 12

    All hold shorts named correctly A1/A2..... etc

    E and Y hold short taxiway sign boards added

    Northern runway path changed to taxiway to stop Ai planes using it

    2 City place office and car park updates with graphiti on railway side of car park

    SDK Duplicated scenery assets for level up ramp to car park and outer building stair levels for optimisation

    Northern runway illuminated for VTSIM runway changes

  • Version V23.3.12 March 12, 2023

    Northern runway lights switched off, 26R/08L used as taxiway only
    Cityplace (south of Airport) WIP

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