HLA1- Jim's Helicopter Service Grand Isle, Louisiana

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#Fictional United States Exclusive Drag and Drop
HLA1 airstrip is totally fictional nothing about is real. I created it to go as far south I could go in the swamps without being in the water.

I found and cut out a peice of ground that was dry enough to place an airport. Jim's Helicopter Service is also fictional thier is not such a place. He does servicing on helicopters and transports workers out the the oil rigs. He is open 24 hrs a day at the front office. The only way in and out is to fly, because their are on roads of any kind near there.

They are a few things I would like to do to complete this scenery. I would like to add a small gate by the office and a large one at the side. I don't have any gates so if someone in the communtiy would be willing to help me out with this that would be great.

This can be a tricky runway it is 75' wide and only 1500' long. I don't think I would want to fly to large of a plane or you might not make it.

This is work in progress so if you have any opinions on what you would like to see please leave them in the comments.

If you use Little NavMap you can go to Scenery Lib. then Load Scenery and when it is finished you will now have Jim's Helicopter Service listed with lots of the airport imformation.

I spent a lot of time on this so I hope you enjoy it. Have fun and if you like it buy me a cup of coffee. 

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GPS Συντεταγμένες 29° 9' 31.53" N 90° 14' 41.08" W


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