[A32NX] FlyByWire A320neo Air Madagascar 8K

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Version 1.1
Αρχική έκδοση April 08, 2021
Τελευταία ενημέρωση April 14, 2021
Μέγεθος αρχείου 39.40 MB
Downloads 254
Αυτό το αρχείο έχει ελεγχθεί για ιούς και είναι ασφαλές για λήψη.
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#A32NX #8K Resolution Exclusive Drag and Drop

FlyByWire A320neo Air Madagascar 8K. Don't forget to vote, and follow me. 

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Αρκετά άδειο εδώ.

  • Version 1.1 April 14, 2021

    Front doorsill luster correction

  • Ξεκίνησε April 08, 2021

    Η αρχική έκδοση αυτού του αρχείου μόλις κυκλοφόρησε. Καλώς ήρθατε!

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Files in this category require the Third Party Aircraft A32NX by FlyByWire Simulations.
These liveries are compatible with the latest development branch.

9 Σχόλια
  • mjwenzel
    7 day(s) ago
    I'm bascially going back round to some of my flights I did early on in eastern Africa again so I can live stream them and do them with the appropriate liveries that simply weren't available months ago! THANKS!!
    • n0k3
      6 day(s) ago
      You're welcome.
  • olimad
    1 month(s) ago
    On espère qu'AirMad aura l'occasion un jour d'acquérir ce superbe avion pour faire des Tana-Reun ou Tana-Maurice, en attendant merci de nous faire rêver 😍
    • n0k3
      1 month(s) ago
      ils peuvent toujours utilisé leur Airbus A340-300, merci pour la note. bon vol 😉
    • olimad
      24 day(s) ago
      L'age et l'état des A340 est bien loin d'un neo tout neuf 😳
  • Euterpe
    1 month(s) ago
    Okay, okay man. I learned that A32NX is the development version and I have already put everything right. Thanks and good job.
    • n0k3
      1 month(s) ago
      No worries, good flight 😉
  • Euterpe
    1 month(s) ago
    A lot of liveries have already been done for the A32NX, but the plane has not been released, I wonder why. Sorry.
    • n0k3
      1 month(s) ago
      what do you mean by the plane has not been released ?

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