C-17 Globemaster (Working 747 cockpit) WIP

Συμβατότητα με Sim Update 5 έχει επιβεβαιωθεί.

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Version 0.1
Αρχική έκδοση March 15, 2021
Τελευταία ενημέρωση March 15, 2021
Μέγεθος αρχείου 262.84 MB
Downloads 24,204
Status Δεν έχει κατεβεί ακόμα
Αυτό το αρχείο έχει ελεγχθεί για ιούς και είναι ασφαλές για λήψη.
Military Aircraft
#Experimental Drag and Drop


16,875 | X Chief Captain

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  • Ξεκίνησε March 15, 2021

    Η αρχική έκδοση αυτού του αρχείου μόλις κυκλοφόρησε. Καλώς ήρθατε!

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after spent almost all afternoon, i think i have made some kind of compatibility to this airplane with salty mod, however the fix for lights and cameras only work partial. some interior lights are missing. i have sent a message to capt 22 and if he want i send him the files to him and he will update the plane.

i have made an experience and so far it has no issues. i have made it compatible with salty mod. or at least i think so

i will do some more tests and see

Testé la nouvelle mouture avec le nouveau cockpit mais rien ne fonctionne ! Je reviens sur celui ci qui fonctionne à merveille

its me or if i have the salty mod this c17 doesnt work properly? its a compatibility issue?

Many have thoughts about the wheels dug into the ground, but there is an easy fix for that. In the flight_model.cfg change the three first contact points to this:

point.0 = 1, -5, 0, -18.1, 720, 0, 2, 60, 0.9, 2, 0.5, 9, 8, 0, 220, 250, 2

point.1 = 1, -102.5, -17, -18, 1500, 1, 2, 6.5, 1.36, 3, 0.5, 11, 9, 2, 220, 250, 2

point.2 = 1, -102.5, 17, -18, 1500, 2, 2, 6.5, 1.36, 3, 0.5, 11, 9, 3, 220, 250, 2

It is the fourth value of each point that have to be changed!

I also used ModelConverterX's Texture converter to re-save the pilot texture, so it loads correctly in the sim.

its awesome but most of the gear is stuck in the ground

Great job on this plane! I did a Kabul flight yesterday but it was sad to see the airport mostly empty now compared to days prior. Great work on this!

We need a Taliban livery now lol

I understand that this is a WIP, but ACFT 174 hasn't been assigned to McChord AFB since '08-'09, and has been assigned to JBER (Elmendorf AK, on the Air Guard side) since then. 174 is JBER's flag ship C17, so it has a completely different paint scheme for the numbering too. I worked on this plane daily for 7 years (my experience).

The aircraft is pure white. Do you know what the problem is?

Nice plane and it also works with sim update 5, but it would be really nice if it would have the C17 cockpit and not that one of the 747 and could you please fix the thing with the landing gear which is in the ground when you are landed. But thanks for your effort, keep it up!

Love this plane. It's a great work !

Just too small things :

  • Gears are in the ground when landed, the plane elevation must be raised a little
  • It's seems no lights are functional

But other than that, it's perfect

Is it salty ready?

works with the new update!!!

Is this project finished or DOA? I can hardly imagine the former and always dread the latter.

I can't seem to find it in my plane selection menu, do you know the solution?

Good mod i love it. Thank you😃
I really love this airplane so much
The mod is great but impossible to flight due to the IRS nobs been inoperative in conjunction with Salty 747 mod.

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